Twenties Club Maidenhead

Inspiring, Sharing and Connecting

twenties-club-id-choices-adjustedConversations – Dialogue with people who have commonality and with others where we have differences are essential to ensure our thoughts and actions are well judged – well chosen. That is why I have joined with 2 business partners to deliver the Maidenhead Twenties Club 3 times a year to bring conversations to professional and business people.

Twenties Club Maidenhead has had a long list of highly engaging guest speakers, with Olympic gold medallist Greg Searle, Home Secretary and local MP Theresa May and Fiona Hathorn, Managing Director of Women on Boards UK Ltd. Previous speakers also include Dr Lynda Shaw, cognitive neuroscientist, who specialises in the effects the ageing population has on corporate workforces.

The Twenties Club has a very successful heritage. C8 Consulting is the inspiration and founder of Twenties Club Reading and in 2013 C8 joined forces with Marketing Boost and ID-Choices to bring the Twenties Club to Maidenhead to inspire, share and connect local businesses, helping them to learn from each other and our inspirational speakers.

We no longer run this business club – Sorry