Mindfulness Wellbeing Programmes

8 week programme

logoICM_screen_MThis seven week programme, follows a classic Mindfulness programme structure plus it adds a little cognitive behavioural work and some positive psychology techniques.  It is designed to build on your knowledge and experience each week.  The first 4 weeks is about really activating the mind-body connection, so that we can be more aware of the impact of each on the other, and the way every activity and emotion will be reflected in both.

The second 3 weeks comes to focus on our thinking and our emotions and how a Mindful practice can impact upon those, which will then impact our behaviours and attitudes.

Mindfulness brings us back into the present moment mode more often on a daily basis to experience the joy of living.

Advanced Mindfulness Awareness programme – 5 weeks

This course is only for those that have completed the first 8 weeks and also had time too embed Mindfulness into their daily living.

This course starts with our own self-awareness, and develops into our relationships with others; family, friends, work colleagues and people in general.  Relationships are where our habits or patterns of thoughts, emotions and behaviours tend to show up most.

Many of these patterns remain unexamined and become part of our automatic pilot of thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  Mindfulness is becoming aware, noticing for ourselves and coming out of automatic pilot mode.