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iCHOOSEMe is a Mindfulness WellBeing programme based on the techniques of mindfulness, cognitive behavioural therapy and positive coaching psychology which brings enhanced awareness and attention to your own life. It has been designed to help today’s busy professionals who know they are:

  • suffering from the daily stressors of life
  • a workaholic with no time for themselves
  • on autopilot and not really present
  • feeling frustrated, sleepless and/or anxious
  • wanting to improve their overall well being

This 8 week programme of workshops will help you become aware, resilient, focused, relaxed and therefore able to live a happier life. The iCHOOSEMe programme is unique in combining the powerful researched practice of mindfulness with current leading psychological theories, and you will learn how to use and apply these methods.

iCHOOSEMe has been specifically developed to help selected groups of likeminded individuals to:

  • understand their own thought processes and brain activities
  • practice mindfulness techniques
  • improve their problem solving and conflict management skills
  • create new insight into who they are and optimise their potential
  • learn some invaluable life tools

Guarantee: We guarantee that if you follow the iCHOOSEMe techniques and apply them regularly you will achieve GREATER PEACE WITHIN with an improved SENSE and FOCUS on who you are. We will offer 3 free coaching sessions or your money back if you feel at all concerned with your outcomes. Guarantee valid for 3 months following date of last workshop.