Coaching for Women

I was a workaholic…..

 Title, money, responsibility – when you wake up you check emails, some interrupting your sleep from different time zones

I was also a shopaholic…..

Particularly shoes – this seemed to be my reward system and made me feel good

I was unhealthy…..

Drinking too much wine, spending excessive amounts of money on fixing situations I had no time to deal with, falling asleep at the theatre, setting up challenging holidays to test myself instead of relaxing, as well as taking my laptop with me – just continually pushing myself.

This does not look appealing for ambitious women – but it CAN BE DIFFERENT. Look at Hilary Clinton who pushed herself to exhaustion before she took time out to re-balance.  But now she is back with the goal to be the first woman President of the US.  What an achievement that would be for her, her country and for all the women of the world.

The Dalai Lamai said in Vancouver 2008 “ The world will be changed by Western Women” Why women – because we have the capacity for greater kindness and compassion – the hormone oxytocin.  Why Western women – because we have started our journey of gaining our own power and can influence on a much bigger scale.

We can find a healthier, more fulfilling, and kinder path to success.

I believe we have our own answers if we ask the right questions, if we start with our own self-awareness.  Having a coach and mentor to ask the right questions and give a voice of experience can be the change you are looking for.

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