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Make Yourself Immune to Secondhand Stress

Brilliant research that reinforces the need to build your self esteem in order to have a strong psychological

immune system to other people’s negativity and stress levels. It’s catching!!!  Link here to find out HBR article

Just picking up the key points, for people with little time to read the whole thing ….. As yawning and smiling […]

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Do we now have two identities?

Do you obsessively check your phone – or know someone who does? It’s a bit akin to OCD behaviour where someone may obsessively wash their hands or clean the room. When we keep checking into this virtual identity we have – FOMO – the Fear Of Missing Out, so people relentlessly check Facebook in case […]

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Are doctors responsible for healing?

In a recent Mindfulness Drop In we were asking about how we manage our own health. Mindfulness teaches us to reconnect to our bodies, thoughts and emotions in a more connected way. Watching, noticing what happens to our bodies when are thoughts are racing, what signals our bodies may be trying to give to our […]

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