Starting with our own self-awareness, we can begin to understand what we can change, what we can’t and make choices about who we want to be and what results we want to create for ourselves, in our businesses and our communities.

ID Choices facilitates the journey to a better sense of wellbeing within each person and within businesses by ensuring there is dialogue, thoughtful observation, and connectivity through our relationships with ourselves and others; be they partners, customers, employees or the bigger systems that we operate within.

We work with

  • professionals that are under pressure to perform both at work and at home.
  • leaders that want to find new ways of connecting and achieving
  • small companies that know that all business is human so therefore better connectivity and communication is key to success
  • people that want to reinvent and change their life is some way.

ID Choices delivers Mindful Coaching and Training to individuals and companies.

Deborah is passionate about Mindfulness and the peace and wisdom it can bring to the way we live our lives. As a coach she believes everyone has their own answers it’s just a case of asking the right questions at the right time. She brings a wealth of leadership experience and a rich life contemplation to support clients whatever they are trying to achieve.